Celebrating 200 years serving the people of North Carolina


State Library employees managing In-WATS system, 1968.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the State Library was, essentially, a one man operation, though the Librarian was assisted during the mid and late 1800s by the Library Trustees, as well as by agents who were contracted to help assess the collection and acquire new materials.  In 1902, an Assistant Librarian was officially appointed, but staffing remained largely static, so that even by mid century there were only 5 permanent employees.  In 1956, the Library’s structure was dramatically altered when the Library Commission and the State Library were merged, so that by the end of the first biennium (1958), there were 36 Library Governors and staff.

Program changes and additions, such as IN-WATS, the audiovisual department, and the Library Processing Center, continued to add staff to the Library throughout the decades, so that, by 1990, there were more than 100 people in the various divisions.  As the audience for library services has changed and Library itself has re-focused on core missions, the staffing levels have changed, so that now, in 2012, the Library boasts a staff of more than 70, dedicated to providing services to the state through consultation, certification, research assistance, literacy promotion, and services for the blind.