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Picture of the Week: Kittrell College, Kittrell, N. C.

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This black and white photograph is this week’s picture of the week.  This picture comes from “An Era of Progress and Promise” collection that can be found here:

The historically black Kittrell College was founded in 1886 by the North Carolina Conference of African Methodist Episcopal Church. The school colors were blue and gold and the mascot was the bulldog. Kittrell started as a high school and in 1889 secondary education was added. The last high School class to graduate was in 1965 and Kittrell College was closed in 1975.

Historical marker raised by Kittrell College Alumni

To see this image in the collection click here:,955

Historical marker picture and information:


  1. Michael T. Wilson says:

    Is there an existing record of college transcripts for former Kittrell College student , principally for the years 1972 thru 1974.. The above building looks a lot like the old mens dorm “Hawkins Hall” is it the same or is it located where Hawkins Hall existed in the 60’2 and 70’s.

    1. Reference and Outreach says:

      Thank you for your comments. The North Carolina State Archives has some photographs of Kittrell College, Please contact them for more information,

      In regards to student transcripts I would imagine that information would be considered restricted due to containing personal information. Since Kittrell College was affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church I suggest you contact them,

      Thank you again for reading the GHL blog.

      Government and Heritage Library

  2. Paula Boyd says:

    How would one get a list of students who attended the institution in the late 1890-early 1900’s. We know our great grandmother attended as she stated but we can’t find any documentation. HELP we are tracing our history and would to add this info to our list. Thanks for the photo it is helpful to see the place she went to advance her education.

  3. Reference and Outreach says:


    Thank you for your comment and reading the GHL Blog. We have gotten several inquiries from family members of Kittrell College alumni seeking more information. I have not been able to track down if a repository has collected information on Kittrell College since its closing in 1975.

    One suggestion would be to contact the African Methodist Episcopal Church which was affiliated with Kittrell College,

    Another suggestion would be to look at newspapers for Vance County (the county the college was located in) for 1890 through the early 1900s for commencement listings. You can request newspaper microfilm through your public library and we will send them to you through inter-library loan. This might be a bit tedious but you may find something. You can use the NC Newspaper locator to find titles,

    Please contact the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library located in Vance County. They may have some resources that might help.

    I’m going to send you an email directly to you but I wanted to post here in case other readers were interested in Kittrell College. In case you didn’t see it here is the entry from An Era of Progress and Promise on the school,,4441 (pages 284 and 285).

    Thank you,

    Rebecca Hyman
    Government and Heritage Library

  4. William T. Wicker says:


    Are transcripts still available through the NC Department of Cultrual resources for Kittrell college. I would be intersted in to linking to whatever pictures you might have available. I was a 1974 graduate.

    1. Government and Heritage Library says:

      Hi William,

      If you look at some of the other comments to this message, you can see some suggestions as to where you might find transcripts. Unfortunately, we still have not found a definite source for where those records lie. Thank you for your comment, and please let us know if you find those records.

  5. William T. Wicker says:

    would love to have a copy of the book “An era of progress and promise 1863-1910”.

    Is it availabe digitally or other wise.

    1. Government and Heritage Library says:

      You can find a digital copy of Era in our Digital Collections:

      I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  6. Robert Naron says:

    Dear sir.
    I need some help finding out about Mr. Pat Patricia, I knew Patricia Taylor when she was in Central high school in Memphis in 60s and I lost touch with her when I went to vietnam it was two years befour I got home and she had moved and no one knew where. The news paper came out with a artical that I was killed in action but that was a mastake and they prented a reaction but she had all ready moved. I found that she Teaches in the college there but no one is sure. Pat was married to Mr. william S. Taylor and they were divorced sept 1984 . I am sorry to bother you with this but I would like to know befour I take off 2,000 on my motorcycle just to find out that I am worng Thank you for your time readind that. I tryed to call but I was told that no one was at home. And there are 3 Patricia Taylor phone number lister By the was her mother is Mrs. Geraldine Taylor thank you for your time This Robert Naron

  7. Reference and Outreach says:


    Thank you for your comments and questions. As Kittrell College is no longer in existence there is no one you can contact on that end. However, you can contact the Vance County Public Library they have information on the college. In regards to searching for your friend I would try local city directories if you know where she lived. If she was or is still in Vance County I would try the local library again. Please contact them at, 252.438.3316
    or here is a link to their website,
    If you need further assistance from the Government and Heritage Library here is our email address,

    Thank you,

    Rebecca Hyman, Reference and Outreach Librarian
    Government and Heritage Library

  8. Reference and Outreach says:

    There have been many comments about looking for Kittrell College student records on this blog post. Good news, the State Archives of North Carolina has custody of the student academic and (in some cases) financial aid records of a number of defunct proprietary, church-supported, or other non-public schools and colleges in North Carolina, including Kittrell College. For more information please contact the Archives, (919) 807-7310,,


    Government and Heritage Library

  9. Brenda Artelia Boyd says:

    I am a 1973 graduate of Kittrell College, NC. I enjoyed it and loved the atmosphere there. It was supposed remain and become a 4 year college. I was there when the
    administration building burnt down the month before I graduated under the late
    Revered Gaylord. Everyone help each other. We were like family. Due too my
    mother’s sickness and death (93), I was not able to attend any gatherings. Thank you for this website.

  10. Ester S. Carr says:

    I was green as a gourd when I walked on the grounds of Kittrell College.Without question, it shaped the foundation for my academic life as a professional student.

  11. Bernice Cuffie Smith Lewis says:

    I want to thank those families of Kittrell who help those black boys and girls, who came from Prince Edward County when they closed the schools.
    I never thought that I would be living in North Carolina, but I long to see the sight
    of old Kittrell. I knew a few people from here, living in Oxford, North is a young man
    name Spencer who went to Kittrell. There was a young lady name Katie. This was back in 1959=1960.

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