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More Colonial Records of North Carolina at GHL

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Traditional colonial dress for women from 1673-1773

Publication of the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina began in 1886 and ended in 1907.  Since then, more records from the 1600s and 1700s have been discovered that are not in that 26 book series.  Beginning in 1963, the Carolina Charter Tercentenary Commission began transcribing and publishing these new-found colonial records in a new series, Colonial Records of North Carolina.

Each volume of the book is broken down to deal with a specific issue.  For example,  volume 1 is “North Carolina Charters and Constitutions, 1578-1698”, volumes 2-6 are “North Carolina Higher Court Records” in order chronologically, and volume 10 is “Church of England in North Carolina”.  Documents in this series date from 1578-1775.

Using this second series of Colonial Records of North Carolina in conjunction with the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina can give a more complete picture of your colonial ancestors lives as well as a glimpse into the history of colonial North Carolina.

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