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April 13th, 2011:

National Library Week: The North Carolina State Publications Depository System

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National Library Week is a good time to point out that libraries distribute North Carolina state government publications through the North Carolina Publications Depository System. This system ensures that citizens throughout the state can access North Carolina state publications.

The Depository System began on October 1, 1987. The System includes the North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse, which collects state publications from state government agencies, public universities, and community colleges. The System also includes university libraries around the state, which receive publications regularly from the Clearinghouse. North Carolina citizens can visit these university libraries and use these valuable materials.

The following university libraries receive North Carolina state publications as members of the Depository System:

So stop by one of these libraries to find the North Carolina state publication that you need!

National Library Week: Celebrate National Bookmobile Day!

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National Bookmobile Day, April 13

Watauga County Library bookmobile in Sands, rear view with librarian and library board member laughing and looking at book, 1949.

National Bookmobile Day (Wednesday, April 13, 2011) celebrates our nation’s bookmobiles and the dedicated library professionals who provide this valuable and essential service to their communities every day.

It is an opportunity for bookmobiles fans to make their support known—through thanking bookmobile staff, writing a letter or e-mail to their libraries, or voicing their support to community leaders.

This image  of the Watauga County Library Bookmobile in Sands, North Carolina comes from the digital collection Transforming the Tar Heel State: The Legacy of Public Libraries in North Carolina. You can view the image here:,207.

Written on the back of the photograph reads: “Bookmobile stop at Sands, N. C., Watauga Co. Mrs. W. C. Leach, Lib’n and Mrs. C. G. Hodges, Library board member and borrower for her neighborhood. 1949”

To view more images of North Carolina Bookmobiles please go here:

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