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Civil War in North Carolina: State Troops and Volunteers

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State Troops and Volunteers by Greg Mast

The book State Troops and Volunteers : a Photographic Record of North Carolina’s Civil War Soldiers by Greg Mast and published by the N.C. Division of Archives and History is a great resource to find photographs of your North Carolina Civil War ancestors.  This book is currently out of print and the Division of Archives and History does not intend to reprint this, but the book is available here at the Government and Heritage Library for patrons to read (this does not check out, nor does it circulate through Interlibrary Loan).

The first chapter deals with pre-Civil War photographs and information with the Mexican War and the antebellum militia in North Carolina.  Subsequent chapters show photographs and images following different themes:

  • Chapter 2 contains photographs and information on soldiers of 1861
  • Chapter 3 contains photographs and information on the Cavalry in North Carolina
  • Chapter 4 takes a look at families involved in the war in two different sections – brothers in the militia  and the second section deals with the wives of soldiers and the women who also served.  This includes a picture of Private Sarah Malinda Pritchard Blalock who is only one of two known women to serve as soldiers in the North Carolina militia.
  • Chapter 5, the final chapter, gives information and shows the images from the “Summer of Death” in 1862.

The Book also contains an index of all the names either written about in the text or whose photograph appears in the book.

The Division of Archives and History plans to publish a second volume in late 2012 or 2013.

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