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October 24th, 2011:

Thanks for the memories!

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The one hundred and forty-forth North Carolina State Fair finished yesterday, and we wanted to thank everyone who submitted their memories to the Blue Ribbon Memories website. We reached our goal of 80 memories, with the collection still growing.

These include a family photo of a man who built birdhouses and took home first prize in the 1927 fair.

A story of a first date at the State Fair in 1979, after 27 years (and counting) of marriage.

And folks with their children, who enjoyed the carousel, the helicopter ride, and the Ferris wheel.

A shout-out to the North Carolina State Fair Press Office, too, for helping us get the word out about Blue Ribbon Memories. The site will be up for years to come, so please keep those memories coming to help us build this unofficial history of the Fair. For now, I’ll leave you today with a memory of the first State Fair, from 1853.

“The first State Fair has taken place under the patronage of the State Agricultural Society, and on that occasion, we are certain that every North Carolinian felt proud of his residence; indeed, we heard some of the most prominent men in the State frankly admit, that they regarded the first “State Agricultural Fair” as being the greatest era in the history of North Carolina since the Revolution.”  Farmer’s Journal, December 1853, p. 272

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