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Picture of the Week: The Goose Grease Man

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 Here comes the “Goose Grease” Man!

 Are you as excited as we are for the N.C. State Fair? Just one more day until the fun begins. Check out one of my favorite ads from the North Carolina State Fair Premium lists.

The “Goose Grease” Man appears on page 79 of the  1909 premium list.   This advertisement for the Goose Grease Company of Greensboro, North Carolina extols the healing power of their products Goose Grease liniment  and Mother’s Joy. It apparently cured pneumonia.  Other Goose Grease Company ads appear in the 1911 (page 68), 1910 (page 73) and  1913 (page 28) premium lists.

Do you have a favorite ad from the premium lists?


  1. blw says:

    How and where do I buy your goose grease? My mother used it on me as a child, I know it work.

    1. Reference and Outreach says:

      Thank you for your comment. I’m really not sure if they still make Goose Grease liniment as this advertisement is from 1909. I couldn’t find anything from an initial search. We appreciate you reading the GHL Blog. Let us know if you have any additional questions. You can email us at


      Rebecca, Reference and Outreach
      Government and Heritage Library

  2. david braddy says:

    My greatgrandfather was R.F. Rice who made Goose Grease in Greensboro,NC

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