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State Doc Pick of the Week: Woodland Owner Notes

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The North Carolina Cooperative Extension partners with communities to deliver education and technology that enrich the lives, land and economy of North Carolinians.  In their series Woodland Owner Notes, they provide information on different topics concerning forestry.

For example, Woodland Owner Notes no. 42 provides information on how to obtain a forest certification which “identifies land that is managed with a goal of sustainability”.  It also provides information about the origins of forest certification, types of certification, and information on certification programs.

If you need information on how to prune woodland trees then Woodland Owner Notes no. 34 is the publication for you!  This how-to-guide provides a list of equipment needed, how to choose crop trees, and pruning techniques.

The Woodland Owner Notes series contains information on over 40 different topics.  If you would like to download, print, save, or view this publication than click here.

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