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February 15th, 2013:

State Doc Pick of the Week : Bicycle and pedestrian safety strategies in North Carolina : statewide input and priorities

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On your way home today you will more than likely see somebody jogging on the sidewalk or cruising along on a bicycle. And if you have ever been one of these pedestrians/bikers then you might have felt unsafe at some point during your journey. I usually find myself uneasy, imagining that drivers will be either completely oblivious to me or on a deadly rampage to mow down every pedestrian in site. Thankfully this has yet to be the case. However, North Carolina is a growing state, and with the increase in population comes an increase in the amount of pedestrians and bicyclists in communities.  Obesity rates are also on the rise, so making it safer for people to exercise free of charge in the open air could prove to be beneficial to the overall health of North Carolinians.

Safety summit process graphTo increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists around the state, the Institute of Transportation Research and Education gathered statewide input on strategies to improve problems facing non-motorized vehicle safety in North Carolina. This document shows the results of the public input process, including the statewide questionnaire and round table discussions, from the 2011 North Carolina Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Summit and outlines the seven major action initiatives NCDOT will focus on over the upcoming years.


This publication can be downloaded, printed, saved, and viewed by clicking here.

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