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November 4th, 2013:

Genealogy Tip of the Week: Fire!!

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Genealogy Tip of the WeekNo, there is no fire here at the Government and Heritage library (knock on wood!), but I wanted to share with you about courthouse fires and the loss of records they create. Many times I’ve had to tell patrons that I cannot find what they are looking for because there were many records lost during that time due to court house fires. I hate courthouse fires because so many precious records are lost for all eternity. In North Carolina, 36 out of 100 counties have records lost due to courthouse fires. In addition, there are 32 more counties that have missing records for unknown reasons. That is about two-thirds of the counties in North Carolina with missing records. Missing records like this can create brick walls, which are a bane to genealogists, but something we must deal with at times.

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