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Revolutionary War Pensions, part 1

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Cover of the book "Revolutionary War Pensions"

The Revolutionary War began 1776 and continued until 1783. The state was responsible for raising its own troops and also providing troops to the Continental Line. When it comes to pensions for North Carolina soldiers, there were not many at all. North Carolina did give pensions to veterans who were disabled due to their service in the War or to the widows or orphans if the soldier was killed during war. These pensions were established by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1784 and only 97 pensions were granted. In 1800, the General Assembly passed another resolution to continue the pensions. Some of those who received pensions were later transferred to federal pension plans.

In Revolutionary War PensionsLloyd de Witt Bockstruck provides an index to most pensions given by state governments, federal government, and those awarded by private acts of Congress.  Entries for North Carolina soldiers are scant, but they are there. Here is one such entry, in summary.

Kendrick, John – NC Lieutenant, applied for pension in Chatham County 1785, age 24. Served under Gen. Butler, wounded, died 1802 in Georgia.

One note about this book, it does not include pensions from 1835. That is why this blog is “part 1.” Genealogical Services does have an excellent source for the federal pensions of 1835, and I will discuss that source soon.

If you have an ancestor that served in the Revolutionary War in North Carolina and was wounded or killed during the war, be sure to check this book! If you do not have access to this book, contact us at the Government & Heritage Library and we can look for you. Be sure to read about our policy for looking up information in this blog post first.

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