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May 5th, 2015:

North Carolina Manual – a 29 year gap

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NCManualIn the coming months look for all issues of the North Carolina Manual to be available in the digital collection of state government publications. Currently there are only 3 issues available: 2005/06, 2009/10 and 2011/12. Although the oldest manual most libraries have is from the early 1900’s the first manual was published in 1874.

In February 1874 a bill was passed and ratified (see session laws 1873-74) requiring that the “Secretary of State shall cause to be printed …., a ‘Manual of North Carolina’ containing …. all the Governors and other executive officers of the State, Judges of the Supreme and Superior Courts, members and officers of the two Houses of the General Assembly….” The manual was to be “printed at once and again next winter, and biennially thereafter.” The first manual, “Legislative Manual and Political Register” was printed later that same year, 1874.

The next manual was not until 1903 because the resolution for printing the manual was repealed by the next legislature, less than a year later, in December 1874 (see session laws 1874-75).  There was not another manual until the 1903 manual.  The 1903 manual and those continuing for a decade, were called “Pocket Manual for the use of the Members of the General Assembly of North Carolina.” As pocket manuals they were smaller publications, in size and content, than the 1874 issue and also the later manuals.

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