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Databases at GHL – Black Historical Newspapers

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The Government & Heritage Library offers many databases. Some databases can be very helpful for genealogy, some more historical in nature, and some statistical in nature. Many of these databases are through subscription services that patrons can use free in GHL. Other libraries may offer the same or similar subscriptions if you are not able to come here to use them. One such database is the Black Historical Newspapers.

This database is through ProQuest and has 2 smaller databases combined – The Baltimore African American (covers 1893-1988) and The Norfolk Journal and Guide (1916-2003). I haven’t used this database much before, but after trying it out, this will become a database I often check.

I did a search for the surname Bradford. I found 2,896 results. There are a few ways to narrow the results.

  • You can choose an available decade and then from within that decade you can choose to look through specific years
  • You can also use specific date ranges for the results from your search.
  • You can choose a specific journal title
  • You can choose document type: articles, ads, photographs, front page articles, among other options.

In my search for the Bradford surname, I chose the decade 1930-1939, then narrowed down to front page only, and then chose the year 1933. This resulted in 6 results, most about the Scottsboro trial. While reading through the articles, I’m amazed how many names appear.

If you are looking in more modern times, this database could really help! Come visit us at GHL to search this database.

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