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State Doc Pick of the Week : Butterflies in Your Backyard

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The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service published a document titled Butterflies in Your butterflies in your backyard title pageBackyard.

The document mentions that there is a growing popularity for butterfly watching in recent years by wildlife watchers, not quite to the level of bird watching, but enough interest to constitute the creation of a butterfly watching guide.

Here is what you can learn about from reading this guide: common butterflies of North Carolina, butterfly life cycles, butterfly physiology and behavior, native plants that attract butterflies, how to create a butterfly habitat, and butterfly conservation. There are also some additional internet resources listed as well as information about an email forum for butterfly enthusiasts in the Carolinas.

This guide also includes color pictures of butterflies as well as some drawings. You can find a nice table that lists native host plants found in North Carolina as well as a table for native nectar plants with their primary blooming periods. Warmer months are the best time for butterfly watching and this guide will help you to identify what you see as well as create your own environment for butterfly watching.

You can view, download, print, and save this document here.

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