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Boo! North Carolina Ghost Stories and Spooky Legends Online and In Print

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Boo! North Carolina Ghost Stories and Spooky Legends Online and In Print

Eternal Hoofprints or the Devil's Horse's Hoofprints. Image from the 1927 "North Carolina Today." From the North Carolina Dept. of Conservation and Development.

Eternal Hoofprints or the Devil’s Horse’s Hoofprints. Image from the 1937 “North Carolina Today.” From the North Carolina Dept. of Conservation and Development.

It’s that time of year again — Halloween.  And North Carolina has more than a few legends to raise your hair and give you a cold chill.  Some of North Carolina’s reportedly haunted places are the subject of legendary sightings of supernatural phenomenon; others are sites where real-life tragedies have occurred and have become woven into the fabric of local legend.

Visit NCpedia to read about a handful of the most well-known of the state’s spooky stories and haunted places. The Ghost Train of Bostian’s Bridge, the Eternal Hoofprints and the Devil’s Tramping Ground, in particular, might give you decent shiver!

The Ghost Train of Bostian’s Bridge — train wreck in 1891 in Statesville, a legendary re-sighting in 1941, with a new event in 2010.

The Maco Light —  from the fatal train wreck in Brunswick County in 1867 and siting of the lights by a U.S. president.

The Devil’s Horse’s Hoof Prints — ghostly holes in the ground near Bath since 1813.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground — in western Chatham County, an eerie circle in the woods where nothing will grow.

The Brown Mountain Lights — mysterious, unexplained light phenomena on the Burke-Caldwell County line.

And if you’d like to dig a bit deeper, here are a few print volumes with tales of haunted North Carolina:

Tanenbaum, Linda Duck, and Barry McGee. 2002. Ghost tales from the North Carolina Piedmont. Winston-Salem, N.C.: Bandit Books.

Williams, Stephanie Burt. 2003. Ghost stories of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County: remnants of the past in a new South. Winston-Salem, N.C.: Bandit Books.

Russell, Randy, and Janet Barnett. 1988. Mountain ghost stories and curious tales of western North Carolina. Winston-Salem, N.C.: J.F. Blair.

Morgan, Fred T. 1992. Haunted Uwharries: ghost stories, witch tales and other strange happenings from North America’s oldest mountains. Asheboro, N.C.: Down Home Press.

Starbuck, Richard W., and Lu Newman. 2002. Ghosts of Salem and other tales. Winston-Salem, N.C.: Moravian Archives.  

Happy reading and Happy Halloween!

— Kelly Agan, N.C. Government & Heritage Library





  1. Lance Dunlap says:

    I am a Tarheel born and Tarheel bread when I die Iam ah Tarheel dead.I got fast little ghost storie for ya that happened to me when I was around 7 or 8 years old.My daddy was a plumer.My mama worked for Wrangler.My granny lived with us also she was the wife of a farmer.We lived in a little house in Guilford County the address was 610 Boxer Lane.You can look on google maps and the house still sits there to this day.Its only a 2 bed room house.Really just a 1 bed room but when you have 2 kids and 3 adults in a little house you make due.My daddy,mama,little sister and I all slept in the back room.It was a big room my daddy and mama’s bed was to the left when you walked in.My little sisters bed was acroos from theres to the right when you walked in the room.My bed was in a little cuby hole with a closet off to the side.I could see the foot of my mama and daddy’s bed but my sister’s was around the corner out of sight.Well like I said there was a closet right beside my bed.It was a tight fit.The closet door bearly cleared my bed when you opened it.So when I would get out of bed the closet was right there.I remember this scary lookin old lady would come out of my closet late at night in a white night gown and just stare at me.I would try to scream but I never could.First I would see the door nob turn real slow and out she would come.I would pull the covers over my head and fall asleep.We lived in a little trailor a rocks throw from that place and once I saw an old lady with a night cap on her head in my grannies room layin in the bed.Ii saw her in the daytime and I was probably 4 when that happend.She didnt scare me though she wiaved and smiled at me.My mama said I ran in the livin room tellin my granny there was an old lady in her bed.Lol,my mama said my granny just looked at me and laughed and said you done jumped up on that pole aint ya youngin.To those of you that dont know thats a polite old country way of sayin you are tellin a lie.Lol,but I wasnt liein.The lady in the closet really scared me though the exspression on her face was so empty and emotionless it was terriffiing if that makes since.I told my mama about her but she thaught I got scared from a movie I watched with my daddy called The Outlaw Josey Whales.I watchec that movie and there is nothin in that movie that would have scared me.Anyway thats just a couple times I have seen things that I remember.My mama said when I was real little we lived in a very old farm house on blumintha Rd. (I thank thats how you spell it) its also in Guilford County.She said I slept in a room alone there and I would tell her there was people in the closet there and that a blue light would come out of my closet to.I dont remember but one incident there.I dropped a quarter on the floor and it rolled under the closet door so I bent down and put my face on the floor to see were it went and I saw 2 bare feet.I was to scared to open the door.Thats some of my ghost stories hope you liked them.I dont care if you beleave them I know they happend.

    1. Reference and Outreach says:

      Thanks for commenting!

      NC Government & Heritage Library

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