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Picture of the Week: Haute Couture and Industry

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After being on hiatus for a while we’re bringing back the Picture of the Week! On Wednesdays we’ll be featuring interesting and unique images from the collections of the Government and Heritage Library. We hope to uncover some pretty cool things in our State Publications as well as our other library materials.  Please feel free to suggest any images or topics you would like us to feature.

So without any further adieu… this week’s Picture of the Week  is from the the Spring 1958 issue of the E.S.C. Quarterly. The Quarterly was published by the the Employment Security Commission, once called the Unemployment Compensation Commission and today known as the  Division of Employment Security (DES). DES is now part of the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

In four eight-hour shifts employees of the Kinston Dupont “Dacron” Plant carry on the continuous process around the clock. The huge plant is shown above as it appears at night, in operation. Superimposed is Dupont Business Machine Operator June Wilson of Kinston and Tarboro wearing a black and white satin ensemble made of “Dacron” and silk and fashioned by Pierre Belmain in Paris, France. This was one of 19 creations by famous French designers shown in the “Paris to Kinston” Spring Fashion Show commemorating Dupont’s fifth anniversary of operations for the Kinston plant.


Picture of the Week: The children’s room at Christmas, Carnegie Public Library

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This week’s Picture of the Week is of the children’s room at the Carnegie Public Library in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The children are so engrossed in their books  that they don’t seem to notice the holiday decorations at all!

This image comes from the digital collection Transforming the Tar Heel State: The Legacy of Public Libraries in North Carolina. 

Still looking for the perfect gift for your young reader? Why not take them to your local public library to sign up for a library card? Best of all its free and it’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving! To find your local North Carolina public library please go here,

You can view the image here:

Picture of the Week: Whittling in the Mountains

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This week’s Picture of the Week is from the informational pamphlet, Hand Crafts in North Carolina, created by the North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development (now known as the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources).

For the month of December the Government and Heritage Library is highlighting North Carolina arts and craft. To learn about the state’s rich artistic heritage please check out this month’s ExploreNC page.

The photograph of an old man whittling  appears on page 5 of  Hand Crafts in North Carolina. The informational pamphlet describes North Carolina hand crafts from the mountains, coast and the Piedmont.

To view Hand Crafts in North Carolina please click here,,20642.

Picture of the Week: Football team, North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton, 1900

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Footbabll Team, North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton, 1900

Football season is in full swing and I thought it would be appropriate that this week’s Picture of the Week should be of the North Carolina School for the Deaf at  Morganton’s football team. The photo was taken of the team in 1900 and appears on page 92 of the history, North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton, 1894-1944: The Education of the Deaf in North Carolina, 1845-1945.  This publication discusses the history of educating the hearing and vision imparied population of North Carolina.

You can find this report of the North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton in the North Carolina State Government Publications Collections of the North Carolina Digital Collections ( Did you notice the typo in the caption of the photo? Somebody didn’t proofread before going to print! I wonder what the team’s record was like for the season? They don’t look like the typically bulky football player type.

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