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State Doc Pick of the Week : Practice Notes

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Local_EWH-4288-1The North Carolina Division of Social Services and the Family and Children’s Resource Program release a quarterly serial titled Practice Notes. It is created primarily for North Carolina child welfare workers but it can enhance any ones knowledge of child welfare in North Carolina.

Practice Notes issues contain articles that cover topics dealing with schools in NC and children who are under the care of social services. Many of the articles are written with child social workers in mind but there is a wealth of information contained in the articles through the research and experience of the authors that anyone can gain from. Reading these articles will not make you a child welfare expert but it will certainly enhance your knowledge of the child welfare system in North Carolina.

You can view, download, print, and save this serial here.

State Doc Pick of the Week : Newslink

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Newslink is a weekly e-newsletter published online by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, a part of the North Carolina Department of Commerce’s Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development.

Newslink provides readers with information about tourism research, statewide and international trends, media leads, conference and event information, and much more. It comes out weekly and highlights lots some of the things that are going on in North Carolina in relation to tourism.

You can view, download, print, and save this weekly newsletter here.

Research in Abolished County: Bute, 1784-1779

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Map of NC counties in 1775 with Bute County shaded in purple

Bute County shaded in purple

As genealogy researchers, we are taught when boundaries change and new counties are formed records created in an original or parent county stay there rather than moved to the new county. Abolished counties present a question, though: what happens with records when the county no longer exists? Today, we will look at how original records for Bute County are filed and what records are available.

Bute County was established in 1754 from the eastern half of Granville County. Fifteen years later in 1779, the county was abolished and split into Franklin and Warren Counties. Original records for Bute County are filed in the State Archives of North Carolina. The majority of records left for Bute are filed in the County Records collection of the Archives with county code 015. Some of the records are also filed in both Franklin and Warren Counties as well, so let’s take a closer look.


State Doc Pick of the Week : Adding Value to Local Food

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The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service released a document titled Adding Value to Local Food. The authors are Barry Nash of the North Carolina Sea Grant and Charles Hudson of Sunburst Chef and Farmer.

This document talks about local food and how the demand has risen over the last ten years. It looks at questions such as: “How do you generate more money from local beef, milk, seafood, or produce?” as well as gives you a step-by-step process toward a successful value-added product using local foods. There are many pictures and graphics to help explain what they are talking about and it is very easy to follow.

You can view, download, print, and save this document here.

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