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State Doc Pick of the Week : Medicaid in North Carolina

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The 2015 annual report on Medicaid in North Carolina was released in June of 2016. In this report you Medicaid in North Carolinacan find messages from the Deputy Secretary, Dave Richard, and the Chief Financial Officer, Trey Sutten, for the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Medical Assistance.

The contents of the report contains an executive summary, giving an overview of 2015 results and accomplishments and focus areas planned for 2016; a profile of programs and services offered through NC medicaid and NC health choice; other highlights involving the Division of Medical Assistance; and finally, additional exhibits and acknowledgements.

Most of the information in this annual report is built off of financial data and “focuses on the primary fund, which covers claims and premiums”. They give comparisons to previous years as well as offer many infographics to help understand the findings based off their data. This report also explains what the programs and services are, which may be helpful and may be something you didn’t necessarily know about and could benefit you or a friend and/or family member.

You can view, download, print, and save this annual report here.

State Doc Pick of the Week : NC Lottery Annual Report

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The 2015 North Carolina Education Lottery Annual Report was recently released by the NC lottery commissionNC lottery.

This report includes information on the lottery commission, the leadership, new games, success stories, performance, future plans, protection and security, lottery systems, advertising campaigns, the benefits of the lottery on NC and its citizens, earnings and prizes, winner highlights, goals, and various other reports.

This report gives a lot of insight into the NC lottery and provides a lot of statistics and information. There are many nice infographics and tables that make the data sense and present it in an easily readable manner.

You can view, download, print, and save this document and future annual reports here.

State Doc Pick of the Week : NC Literary Review 2015

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The NC Literary Review, published by East Carolina University and the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, is an annual publication that includes works of poetry, fiction, creative NC Literary Review 2015nonfiction, book reviews, and literary news all by or about North Carolina and North Carolina authors. The next issue, 2016, will celebrate 25 years of NCLR.

The 2015 issue opens with an article about NC literature in a global context by the editor of the NCLR, Dr. Margaret D. Bauer. It continues with multiple short stories, poems, reviews, interviews and other works relating to and about North Carolina. These issues also contain many works of art from freelance artists and photographers from North Carolina or whose subject matter is North Carolina.

Take a look at a few of the works in the 2015 issue of the NCLR and learn about the NC Literary Hall of Fame, enjoy some North Carolina art, and discover some great literary works relating to North Carolina.

You can view, download, print, and save this annual publication here.

Digital Collections: New Additions – State Parks

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ncstateparksguide_1954 ncstateparksguide_1957

In celebration of the North Carolina State Park Centennial, several State Parks publications are available in the Government and Heritage Library’s State Government Publications digital collection.

These Division of Parks and Recreation publications include:


Materials range from the 1950s to the 2000s and highlight the storied history of North Carolina’s natural parks, including their initial planning and development and their growth over time.

To learn more about the State Park Centennial and special events in celebration of the past 100 years, visit NC Parks – Celebrate Our Centennial.

To explore the history of North Carolina State Parks, please visit NCpedia’s state parks collection and NCpedia’s 100 year state parks timeline.


1965 Guide to NC State Parks

Please email with any questions about these new additions to the North Carolina Digital Collections.





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