Notice: On Monday, 11/7/2016, the Digital Library Federation will release an updated Library Digitization Cost Calculator.
Please use the new version on the DLF website for calculations of digitization cost estimates.

This calculator aggregates available data on the cost and time it takes to perform various activities associated with library digitization. The calculator provides estimates not accuracy, as each institution is different. The tool provides average time and cost information from other institutions who have donated their data to this project. Data is currently limited. This calculator was built by Joyce Chapman, please contact for more information, or use the feedback form.

Types of scanner
Extent (linear feet)   Assumed: 1 lf = 1,200 scans
Hourly pay of student workers   E.g., 10.25
Student benefits as % of pay   E.g., 20.3
Annual salary of staff member   E.g., 45000
Staff benefits as % of pay
Metadata creation
Average number of scans per item   To calculate metadata creation time (by item, not scan)
Include fastener removal? Yes   Calculations will be for removing fasteners from 100% of items
Include condition review? Yes   Flagging/pulling materials to be sent to conservation department.
Include intellectual property review? Yes   Calculations will be for review of 100% of items
Include time to sort materials into items? Yes   E.g., locate pp. 1-5 of a discrete document and place them together
Include flattening/supporting materials pre-scanning? Yes   This will be calculated as if it were done for 100% of items
Include time for fragile item handling? Yes   This will be calculated as if 100% of items are fragile
Include time for disbinding and rebinding items? Yes   This will be calculated as if it 100% of items need disbinding